beta maintainance release of gtk-perl

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I am in the process of trying to get a maintainance release of gtk-perl

As you might know, 0.7008 does not work well with perl-5.8 or newer gtk
versions. Also, there are some minor improvements in the gnome-perl cvs
itself that were never released.

Since gtk-1.2 will still be around for a while, a maintainance release
makes sense.

I prepared a preliminary 0.7009 tarball at

(you can also just use the head revision on the gome-perl module in the
gnome cvs).

You are invited to test this release, but *please* if you can, send
patches for bugs, since I am not prepared for full maintainance, a least
not if you want a maintainance release this year :)

My goals are:

- get it to work with perl 5.8
- add all the (minor!) improvements checked in after 0.7008 was released
- fix the obvious bugs

My goals are not:

- making it easy to configure (you have to use --without-guessing and
  --without-package if you don't have a specific package installed).
- making it independent of modules (XML::Writer is required unless
  you are a friend of "make -k and be gone").
- no really new features.

Here is the changelog entry for that version (yes, it's a bit vague...)

        * Gtk/objects.pod, fix formatting.
        * Gtk/xs/Gtk-1.2.xs: don't allow NULL geometry_widget.
        * GtkHTML/pkg.defs: add GTK_HTML_COMMAND_SET_MARK.
        * Makefile.PL: recognize more versions of pixbuf and gnome.
        * tools/ add *_HVER here and set it in the Makefiles.
        * **/Makefile.PL: Fix CCCMD everywhere (fixes 5.8 compile problems).
        * Gtk/GdkTypes.c, Gtk/GtkTypes.c: Don't call SvROK on undefined values.

Thanks for helping!

(Also, if you find this useful thank muppet, since he was persistent
enough to pester people to make such a release ;)

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