Re: Wierd error when activating an Entry

since the separation of modules (as the list decided was best) there's no
longer a root Makefile.PL. each module is built totally individually and still
kept under the same cvs module (dir) to make life simplier. the Makefile in
the top level directory is mainly for gtk2-perl-xs developer convience. if you
plan to use it you should take a look at the file (and one of the README's for
info relating to PERL5LIB.) granted it will probably work as a make and
install all, but unless you look at it and like what it does then i would
sugest extreme caution.


Chas Owens said:
Quoting Alex Ward <coventry67 hotmail com>:
By the way there doesn't appear to be a Makefile.PL in the gtk2-perl-xs

Hmmm.  Things seem to have changed since my laptop broke.  Browsing the CVS
tree online it looks like you say:

cd gtk2-perl-xs

But I can't make any promises since I have no test machine.
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