xsubpp patch

for you XS developers...

i find this patch for xsubpp rather useful --- it changes the error output
format to a more standard style, so that vim/emacs/YourFavoriteIde can parse
the message and take you to the line... and also leaves the directory
component in the filename, so that the #line directives in the generated C
file can actually take you to the correct file when the xs files aren't in the
directory from which you compile (as is the case for Gtk2 and Gnome2).

the patch is very small and doesn't seem to break anything.  i've been using
it all day, and the rainy day has seemed much happier already.

you have to patch the copy of xsubpp residing in the system perl library,
because MakeMaker generates code that calls it by the full path.

muppet <scott at asofyet dot org>

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