Re: Missing pango constants

the patch you sent adds things that are enums whereas the constants defined in
the file are #defines. that file had to be added just for those
#defines b/c they can't be implemented in the special way that that enums are.
those #defines, that we put as constants in, are predefined points
along a continuous space and thus can't be used with the enum stuff.

enums have some special typemap magic that allows perl to deal with them as
strings based off of their names, for instance:

  'ultra-condensed' (the preferred)

all mean the same thing when used in function calls that expect a
PangoStretch. if you go to use a function that takes a PagnoStretch, (or any
enum) and pass something for a that it doesn't know how to translate into an
enum value the wrappers will complain and tell you what the legal values are.

in short those aren't in there b/c they shouldn't be, they are already there,
just done in a different way.


Torsten Schoenfeld said:
On Tue, 29 Jul 2003 15:12:59 +0200, Torsten Schoenfeld wrote:

I recently stumbled across some missing pango constants. I'm not quite
sure if is the right place to add these, but anyways - the
patch is attached.

I just noticed that PangoUnderline was missing, too. The adjusted patch
is attached.


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