Re: Some questions about func_data things.

Quoting Christian Hamar <krics linuxforum hu>:

hi there. 

So i create a thing like this :

$gh = "first";
$button = new Gtk2::Button("something");
$button->signal_connect('clicked' => \&do, $gh);

sub do {
      my ($tmp) = @_;
      print "tmp - $tmp\n";

So. I don't know. Is this the right way to "apply" a func_data thing to
signal_connect ? If this is the right way then my question:
When the script running then i got this:
tmp - HASH(0x34252525)    or something else hash value. How can i catch
the $gh value that i specified for func_data ??? 

A little example plz. many thx.

Best regards: Christian Hamar alias kRiX

You need to say 

my ($button, $tmp) = @_;

The first argument is always the widget responsible for the event.  Personally I
always say

        'clicked' => sub {

since I can't remember where user data winds up when there are other arguments.

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