announcement: new releases

as per the release plan mentioned a couple of days ago, just released

 module            version   cvs tag
 ----------------- -------   ---------
 ExtUtils::Depends 0.102     rel-0-102
 Glib              0.90      rel-0-90
 Gtk2              0.90      rel-0-90
 Gnome2::Canvas    0.28      rel-0-28
 Gnome2            0.28      rel-0-28

(the other modules have not had release-worthy changes made since the last

files available on the sourceforge project page, which you can reach from

new notes in the same place.  freshmeat announcement should be up soon.

the 0.9x series will have an accelerated, weekly release cycle, so we can get
the bugfixes out to you testers more quickly.  please test this new stuff and
complain about bugs and missing features; it's the best way to get high
quality software.  tell all your friends.  :-)

muppet <scott at asofyet dot org>

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