RFC: release schedule

the rate of features working their way into gtk2-perl has slowed, and the bug
fixes are beginning trailing off as well.  (for Glib and Gtk2, at least.)  i
take this as a sign that we need to release 1.0 soon.

please comment on this release schedule proposal:

  date    Glib   Gtk2   GladeXML   GnomeCanvas   Gnome2
-------   ----   ----   --------   -----------   ------
 18 jul   0.90   0.90   0.28       0.28          0.28
 25 jul   0.91   0.91
  1 aug   0.92   0.92   0.30       0.30          0.30
  8 aug   1.00   1.00

the reason for skipping from 0.30 to 0.90 for Glib and Gtk2 is to signify to
the freshmeat community that those modules have switched into beta mode.  i
think it's reasonable to bet that more people would use gtk2-perl if it looked
like it was ready to use, and a near-1.0 release will attract more people. 
this will help us shake out the remaining showstoppers for 1.0.

the <0.90 releases are contingent upon anything actually changing in those
packages; GnomeCanvas and GladeXML have each had precicely one change since

why aren't GladeXML, GnomeCanvas, and Gnome2 going into beta mode?  they
aren't ready, because they aren't feature complete or aren't well-tested.  if
you want one of these modules to go stable, please step up and offer to test
or add features.

muppet <scott at asofyet dot org>

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