Re: [REGRESSION] [PATCH] ->iter_parent returns invalid tree iterators

Thierry Vignaud said:
the last thing that prevent me from running rpmdrake was that
->iter_parent returned an invalid iterator, because it returned a
pointer on a stack object, which of course may have been overwriten
since (gtk+ developers should really think about adding magic numbers
to their structs for debugging purpose)

here's the fix:

using GtkTreeIter_copy instead of GtkTreeIter_own does this for you.  ;-)

$model->iter_nth_child was doing the same thing.  i'm ashamed to admit that i
wrote that file.

anyway, it's all been converted to use _copy.  please have a go at it and see
if i've broken it again.

muppet <scott at asofyet dot org>

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