Re: pre_recursive post_recursive

Domsodi Gergely said:

In the API docs I didn't find the possibility to call a function for
each child of a node (like it was in gtk1: {pre,post}_recursive).

looking at the scr of Gtk-perl the pre/post_recursive functions are part of
the ctree package, not part of the bindings so it would really depend on if
there are work-alikes in ctree's replacement(s).

Is there any possibility to do this? ( i saw the foreach function in
GtkTreeModel. Is it good for this? Is it recursive? Post or pre

my knowledge of the tree and list stuff is rather limited (nearly none.) sorry
i can't really help you here. the tree and list stuff is pretty high on my
list of stuff to write tests for, mainly so that i'll have expirence with


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