Re: [REGRESSION] we lack Gtk2::Gdk::Point

Thierry Vignaud said:
see $subject
and other related widgets in gdk i guess

GdkPoint is not treated as a distinct type in gtk-perl, but as a pair of
numbers.  gtk2-perl-xs treats it like gtk-perl did; in that view it's not a
regression.  ;-)

see examples/ for an example of passing points to drawing
functions like draw_polygon --- basically,

  $drawable->draw_polygon ($gc, $filled,
                           $x1, $y1,
                           $x2, $y2,
                           $x3, $y3,

i had originally attempted to make GdkRectangles be native perl structures as
well (arrays), but that failed miserably for various reasons which have since
been fixed.  however, GdkRectangles also have methods, which sets them apart
from GdkPoints anyway.

if there are object properties that ask for GdkPoints, then let me know,
because those are probably broken (i.e., not updated when the type system for
boxed objects was fixed).

muppet <scott at asofyet dot org>

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