Re: libzvt - perl.

On Wednesday, July 9, 2003, at 10:09  PM, Leon Strong wrote:

Im looking at putting together a module that encompas's perl and libzvt
that can tie into both perl-gtk and perl-gtk2,

you won't be able to get the same code to work with both versions of the bindings, but you should be able to create the same perl api if you are careful.

 however i've never had to
do anything like this before, and would greatly appreciate any pointers
to documentation and starting points. I'm not sure how many of you out
there use ZVT, but my main application i've been developing relies on it heavily, and now that it's been phased out of Gnome, i'd like to continue
using it seperately with gtk-perl2 (if it's feasible).. suggestions?

/me puts on sales pitch hat
gtk2-perl-xs has been designed around the idea of making it easy to write new, independent extensions.
/me takes off silly hat

i presume that libzvt exports a gtk widget; this basically means you want to chain a module from Gtk2. GtkSpell, Gnome2 and GnomeCanvas all do this, and you can use them as starting points. GtkSpell is an example of a library that just adds functions; GnomeCanvas adds a few new objects; Gnome2 adds a whole slew of new objects.

i haven't gotten around to completing a HOWTO about writing new extensions, but it's not that hard. you'll want to read through new-gtk2-perl.html at the top of the CVS tree (with a grain of salt, some of the details may be out of date) and check the archives for the months since april 2003 in case i've actually posted a missive about writing extensions (i don't have a full archive in my mailbox anymore).

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