Re: [FIXED] Re: [PATCH] fix broken api of Gtk2::TreeSelection->get_selected() [gtk2-perl regression]

"muppet" <scott asofyet org> writes:

unlike C and gtk2-perl APIs,
Gtk2::TreeSelection->get_selected() return its return values
in the wrong order.

nobody spoke up to oppose, so i just fixed this in CVS.

thank you very much :-)

to sum up, $tree_selection->get_selected returns its arguments in
reverse (correct per the C API reference) order in list context, and
still returns just the iter in scalar context.

  # list context:
  ($model, $iter) = $tree_selection->get_selected;

  # scalar context:
  $iter = $tree_selection->get_selected;

this change has the potential to break your code, as you'll probably
see after updating either to CVS or to the next version (0.28, when
it comes out).

btw, why do you always skip odd numbers ?
is this your official packaging policy ?

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