Re: Gnome2 create_menus and create_toolbar

On Wednesday, July 9, 2003, at 05:37 AM, Gavin Brown wrote:

The create_menus and create_toolbar functions that are part of
gnome-app-helper don't appear to be available directly via Gnome2::App
objects. Do I need to load a separate module to get at them?

Sorry if this is a dumb question.

use the source, luke. ;-)

GnomeAppHelper.xs says, at line 24:

FIXME need typedef for GnomeUIInfo

and all the functions which use GnomeUIInfo (indeed, the ones to which you refer) are commented out.

this was because there is no boxed type wrapper for GnomeUIInfo, which means it is not trivial to wrap them (lots of hand coding, like for GtkItemFactory), so i didn't. i have since gotten a better idea for how to write wrappers for such things and have code on which to base them, so, eh, expect them in the next release. ;-)

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