Re: [BUG] mdk's drakxtools vs gtk2-perl-xs: we lack Timeout->remove that should be aliased onto Glib::Source->remove

Chas Owens said:
If a Glib::Timeout 'isa' Glib::Source then shouldn't Glib::Timeout already
have "remove" (inherited from Glib::Source)?

that'd be nice, but it doesn't, because at the plain glib level they don't do
proper inheritance (hence the quotes on isa).  also, the GSource object would
be what got the inheritance, and Glib::Timeout->add returns a tag, not an
object.  it's all very ugly, actually.

right now, remove is the only method bound from the Glib::Source package, but
there are several methods in there that you wouldn't necessarily want Timeout
or Idle to inherit (as they currently exist).   bah.

how useful would it be to be able to implement your own Glib::Sources in perl?

muppet <scott at asofyet dot org>

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