Re: [BUG] gdk_rgb_find_color() is lacking

Thierry Vignaud said:
but now, i lacks gdk_rgb_find_color() for mcc (from gdk/gdk.h)

the attached file implements several of the functions in gdk-rgb, in addition
to gdk_rgb_find_color.  drop it into the xs/ subdir, rerun Makefile.PL (to
pick it up), and rebuild.

note that these versions of gdk_draw_rgb_image and friends allow the rgb_buf
to be passed either as a scalar containing all the pixel data or as an
unsigned integer which will be treated at the binding level as a C pointer to
the image data.  this is handy when binding together various C libraries with
perl glue, because it avoids copying potentially several kilo or even
megabytes of image data through perl for virtually no reason... but it's an
evil hack, which is why i haven't committed it to CVS.

disclaimer:  i haven't actually tested the bindings for
$colormap->rgb_find_color,  $gc->set_rgb_foreground, or

muppet <scott at asofyet dot org>

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