Re: [PATCH] make Gtk2::Gdk->get_default_root_window() usable

"muppet" <scott asofyet org> writes:

we do not have Gtk2::Gdk object, so get_default_root_window()
*must* not take any class parameters !!!!

fix below:

don't call it by the fully qualified name!  the same as with Gtk2->main and
Gtk2->main_quit, call it as Gtk2::Gdk->get_default_root_window.
Gtk2->this is the
convention throughout gtk-perl and gtk2-perl.

this is already what i do !!!! :

sub gtkroot() {
    $root ||= Gtk2::Gdk->get_default_root_window();

but since you added a class parameter whereas we have no object
Gtk2::Gdk, we have :
- either to add a stupid dummy arg such as in
- or to remove that stupid class parameter that does not exists so
  that wa can call:

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