Re: Help Me In Multiple Selection

Le ven 31/01/2003 Ã 11:32, parakala suma a Ãcrit :
I am trying to develop an application in Gtk2-Perl. I
could develop one screen which gives the user a list
of branch names in combobox. fine if the user selects
one option then i am getting the result. My problem is
if I want multiple selection in combo box . Is
multiple selection possible in combobox widget how can
we do this with combobox. Else kindly suggest me
another widget in Gtk2-perl which supports my

Multiples selections are possible not possible with a combobox. You'd
better use Gtk2::ListStore and Gtk2::TreeView.

See: misc-examples/ for list example.


kindly help me
Thanking you 

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