I've been playing around with Gtk Perl a little recently trying to get some
image related stuff to work.

I'm looking for a good source of Gtk-perl documentation.

Specifically something which shows the class hierarchy included Gdk classes,
as well per method descriptions of not only the input and output types of the
method but the actual purpose of the method.

I've looked on and the examples are better at documenting much
of GTK Perl than the references.

So I want a good reference. Or how one would make this documentation
themselves, that'd be good too.

Also it seems Gtk Perl has explicit garbage collection where do I find
information on how that works?

As well is there a fix yet for compiling gtkperl for 5.8.0 where you don't
have to link your object files into the xs and build directories?

Hoping to use more Gtk Perl in the future,


abez----- ----- ------ - ------ -- ------------ Abram Hindle (abez abez ca)
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