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nmag only wrote:
What another solution you recommend me?


nmag only
Maybe the first question is why you need to have an executable in the first place. Is it for ease of distribution (i.e., not having to have a perl interpreter installed on the client computer)? You probably aren't looking for speed (I hope) as any sort of compiled perl often makes the perl script run a bit slower.

Which platform are you trying to deploy to? Active State Perl on Win32 has some nice pieces (seems like there is a runtime that is pretty easy to ship with your script that allows users to run it without having to have the whole lib installed. On the Unixen, perl is going to be installed almost by default, though Gtk+ perl probably won't.

If you want to ensure that is available you could hack someting up with It shouldn't be very hard to search the local computer for the module, and assist the user to install it if it isn't present.

Just some ideas?

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