Re: Window (CList) update semantics

On Wed, 2003-01-01 at 19:05, Tom Jennings wrote:
Can anyone tell me how to get a CList row to update immediately
when I change a cell with set_text()? I'm changing a cell inside
a handler with:

      $widget-> freeze;
      $widget-> set_text ("NEW CELL CONTENTS");
      $widget-> thaw;

The window doesn't update until the handler returns. 

I've got a process that takes some time (seconds to minutes),
started by a button, and I need to update a cell during this
extended process.

Any hints appreciated. It seems outside the scope of the GTK
Ref page...


Perl is not multi-threaded (at least not by default).  This means that
nothing can happen until the handler returns or you code for it to
happen.  I have found that saying

Gtk->main_iteration while Gtk->event_pending;

solves this sort of problem.

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