Re: $combo->list = ( $combo->list, "append1",...

Can you put together a tiny demo of the problem and include it in your

On Wed, 2003-02-26 at 12:16, Andy Ford wrote:
Thanks for your response Scott

I tried what you said but I now get ..

item cannot be undef at ... etc etc



On Wed, 2003-02-26 at 17:13, Scott Smith wrote:

Also, in general you do not do:
$obj->some_property = $value

Instead, you do:

The "property" is actually an object method subroutine which sets the
value you specify, and does any internal operations necessary because of
your new setting.

On Wed, 2003-02-26 at 11:43, Andy Ford wrote:
I am trying to use the combo->list = ($combo->list, "new entry") to
append a 'new entry' to a combo box.

When I use it as thus....

sub func
   my ( $widget, $combo ) = @_;
   combo->list = ($combo->list, "HI");

I get the following error ...

Can't modify non-lvalue subroutine call at .... etc etc

How do I append text to a combo box!?


Andy Ford

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