due to dists being built on systems that don't have new enough
MakeMaker's to create the appropriate META.yml's and the fact that we
had them commited to cvs we often ended up with invalid META.yml files
in our dist tarballs. while i don't think this really matters b/c
nothing seems to be using them just yet i don't want to put invalid
things in there so here's the purposed and implemented fix:

basically all of the META.yml files in cvs have version numbers of
'unknown'. if you build the dist on a new enough system then the correct
version will be placed in the file by MakeMaker/Makefile and all will be
well. if you make the dist on an old system that file will now say
unknown rather than something old and invalid (the 1.012 rel's on cpan
still have version 1.01 in their META.yml files.

this is the best solution i can think of. discussion welcome.


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