Re: Gnome2::VFS dependency on libgtk2, build error

Marc 'HE' Brockschmidt said:

I just worked on the debian package for Gnome2::VFS and noticed that it
needs a dependency on libgtk2 (as it includes gtk/gtk.h in Would be nice to declare this in Makefile.PL...

it does 'depend' on Gtk2 unless i'm mistaken, b/c of the use Gtk2::Codegen,
and PREREQ_PM, what was missing was a version to depend on:
'perl-Gtk2'               => '1.01',
if that's not what you're meaning let me know.

i just added that now, i will commit this with several other things i have to
go in in the next little while.

 xs/GnomeVFSUtils.xs > xs/GnomeVFSUtils.xsc && mv xs/GnomeVFSUtils.xsc
Error: 'const GnomeVFSURI *' not in typemap in GnomeVFSUtils.xs, line 202
make: *** [xs/GnomeVFSUtils.c] Error 1

i'll leave this for someone else, i'm not having any problem with in my config.


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