rpm building issue/solution question

ok, when buildling rpms on rh9/fd1 there's rpms created called debuginfo
which, surprise, contain the debugging information, symbols etc. 

the problem is that perl's installed lib stuff are installed with read
only permissions causing the debuginfo process to fail when trying to
modify/strip the .so. 

the (possible) solution is to add the following on the line just after
%makeinstall in the spec file:
   chmod u+w $RPM_BUILD_ROOT

this works just fine, but as you would expect installs the files user
writable. is there a reason not to do this. the files are owned by root
so it seems to be irellivant, but i figured i'd open it up to
discussion. i've got the changes made to all of the spec files ready to
commit should this turn out to be what needs doing.


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