Getting column 2 in selected row of TreeView?

Art$,1!+(Bras $,1! (Blajus writes:
I need to get column 2 data (the nick) from row i clicked on with
mouse button. The events are fine, i just don't get how to get

I use the "selection_changed" callback. I set it up manually:

    my $select = $treeview->get_selection();
    $select->signal_connect(changed => 
        sub { on_treeview1_selection_changed($select, $treeview, $treestore)});

And then you can look at your list when it changes:

sub on_treeview1_selection_changed
    my ($selection, $treeview, $treestore) = @_;

    my @rows = $selection->get_selected_rows();

    print "Selection changed\n";
    foreach (@rows)
        my $iter;
        $iter = $treestore->get_iter($_);
        print "  ".$treestore->get($iter, 0)."\n";

Also i haven't made up my mind how to make another window from
gladexml file.

I haven't tried this yet, but in
James Curbo said that you can get GladeXML to build you only the
window you asked for with:

$gladexml = Gtk2::GladeXML->new('', 'window1');

Haven't tested this yet. Of course if eventually you're going to
package the XML in a single Perl file as Muppet has shown, there's no
reason not to start out with separate glade files.


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