signal_connect errors


i'm trying to signal_connect an event to a subfunction, like so:

    $itemToEdit->signal_connect->( 'select' => \&editItem, $button );

(line 564)

but, running the program, i get the following error:

*** unhandled exception in callback:
***   Usage: signal_connect(instance, detailed_signal, callback, data=NULL) at bin/checklist line 564.

i googled for this error, and turned up this thread here from a few
months ago:

but i seem to follow all the suggestions mentioned therein -- i'm not
passing extra variables to the signal_connect, and what i _am_ passing
should line up:

instance        = $itemToEdit
detailed_signal = 'select'
callback        = editItem
data            = $button

what, then, could be going on here?



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