gtk2-perl to be part of the GNOME 2.6.0 Platform Bindings release set

See Murray's announcement on language-bindings: msg00022.html

in particular, we must freeze by 22 Feb 04, and may not break anything after that --- a parallel install for us means changing namespaces.


so this is a call for testers. testers, we need you! we need your help to wring every last bug out of the core Gtk2-Perl modules. write programs, exercise all the APIs you can find, and try to do unnatural things to see if it breaks.

our biggest initial focus is on API bugs --- we need to know about functions with extra or missing parameters, functions that shouldn't be there, or functions that need a call signature change to function correctly. this is the highest priority because we must freeze the API, and once it is frozen, we can't change it.

next, we need to know about anything that causes a crash or misbehavior.

and, finally, missing functionality. beware that missing stuff may be punted if there's not sufficient time to test it.

also note we are testing the bindings, not gtk+ itself. if you find a bug with gtk+, we may be able to put in a workaround, but by all means log the bug with gtk+'s bugzilla.

muppet <scott at asofyet dot org>

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