Re: popup menu

On Thu, 2003-12-04 at 16:20, Thomas Bayen wrote:
muppet schrieb:
Ross McFarland said:

I did not get the original message from Ross McFarland. But thanks! This 
link helps much. I you want I will help debugging your docs. What is the 
bvest way to do it? Shall I install from CVS?

if you're not on the mailing list i just sent a link to here:
which is the official location of those doc's now.

if you checkout cvs from s.f. then you'll have things as up to date as
possible. sending patches to the list would probably be best. 
$ cvs diff -u 
will do the trick. prove your self worthy (hehe) and you may be grated
commit access. this goes for anyone wishing to help out. we just
completed the apidoc autogen stuff so that all functions should now have
their api documented in the 'correct' way. i'm sure there are type-o's
and problems everywhere. also things like SYNOPSIS sections and short
(pod-like) examples are possibilities.

irc is a great place to discuss ideas about such things, come join the
fun, Burrito will hold a seat for you. later,

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