Re: Large amount of rows in a TreeView list.

csld skynet be said:
[efficiency issues with 10k rows in a TreeModel, would be nice not to
 have to copy and store all those records to the GtkListStore]

To have the same effect in GTK2, I think it's necessary to subclass the
Gtk2::TreeModel. But that seems me complex.

I don't think it's all that complex, but i do know that at this point it's not
possible in gtk2-perl -- we lack the ability to add GInterface implementations
to a Perl-derived type.

This is actually the next big thing on my todo list, but has been held up by
the desire to get released a new stable version with some very important

or where I can find code samples demonstrating
how to subclass the Gtk2::TreeModel?

i'll be sure to post an example to the list as soon as i get it working.  i
expect to have something working before the new year.

if you can handle reading C code,  Tim-Philipp Müller's TreeView tutorial
explains how to write your own TreeModel.  it's involved, but not actually

feel free to ping me privately about this if you have pressing need or you
think i'm taking too long...  we'll work something out.  :-)

muppet <scott at asofyet dot org>

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