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Ok.. I found the examples/* (they work very well), but I still can't use 
Gnome2::Print. Let's say I have a text, net very long - 30 lines for example,
how can I print this text?
Should I read line by line and moveto(x, y) and then call show()? I guess not.
I found Gnome2::Print::GlyphList but only new() works.. I stil don't know 
wheather this is the solution. 
Any hint is welcome,

On Fri, Nov 28, 2003 at 06:02:03PM +0100, Emmanuele Bassi wrote:
* Cornel Ghiban <green neomedia ro>:

I didn't find any info(API docs) about printing in Gnome. 

They are going to be added for the next release.

I tried the small demo in the manual but it didn't happend anything till I added

The code dsiplayed inside the manual is just a "snapshot" of some
plausible code: it should not be considered somewhat "usable", apart
from gaining some clue about how to access some methods/data.

That is why there's the "examples/" directory, which contains a pair of
examples (weird, uh? :-)); the first one ( is pretty much
a simple printing application, that shows ho to call the print dialog,
the preview dialog, and how to operate with the concepts of jobs and
contexts.  The second example ( shows how to use fonts.

I'm planning to port from C to perl the examples that can be found
inside the libraries tarball, but most of those are so simple that are
of no use when building some complex application.

A source of working code could be the "GtkSourceView" project.
GtkSourceView uses libgnomeprint to generate print contexts and print
jobs of the displayed code; it's useful especially in order to know how
to break lines from a textview in order to respect the margin of the
page, instead of the widget's one.  Unfortunately, GtkSourceView is
written in C.

A link from the Gnome documentation site is wellcome.

I find the lack of documentation disturbing.  Even the usual API is
missing.  You should file a bugreport in GNOME BTS for that.


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