Re: tests broken in head of cvs

On Thu, 2003-08-28 at 05:29, Torsten Schoenfeld wrote:
On 27 Aug 2003 21:47:50 -0400, Ross McFarland wrote:

i tried moving that section of code below the one following it which
seem to me would be at a position after which the column was in the
tree, but that didn't help.

Hrm, I missed that part of your message before I sent the patch. If that
really doesn't fix your problem I'm quite lost.

redhat 9 has gtk+-2.0 = 2.2.1 it may be a bug with it. i will modify the
skip to make sure that the version is 2.2.2 or greater. can someone else
with 2.2.2 verify the code does work. there's been a lot of churn in
gtk+/gtk/gtktreeview.c between 2.2.1 and 2.2.2, but i didn't find
anything that directly had to do with set_cursor_on_cell. i'll hold off
commiting till i hear from some that it seems to be the right thing to


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