Re: window border

Quoting Nori Heikkinen <nori+gtk-perl maenad net>:
in the tutorial i've been working off of[1], Window has a method
border_width that i'd love to be able to use.  it doesn't appear in
Gtk2, afaict, and it's not in the manpage.

is this implemented somwhere, and if not, how do people usually get
around it?  extra boxes and windows within windows?  seems cumbersome


border_width is not directly implemented by Gtk2::Window since it is a part of
Gtk2::Container (which Gtk2::Window inherits from).  I just checked the webcvs
(which is admitably old) and this method and the two other data member functions
for container are not implemented.  You can use set_border_width and

Muppet, it seems that many of the widgets don't implement properties.  Is this a
design decision?  I know that most of the properties have accessor/mutator
methods like get_prop/set_prop.  Should we only implement those that don't have
accessor/mutator methods like filename in Gtk2::FileSelection?

Gtk2::Container properties
  "border-width"         gulong               : Read / Write
  "resize-mode"          GtkResizeMode        : Read / Write
  "child"                GtkWidget            : Write

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