Re: Porting Perl-Gtk2/Gnome2/Glade2 app to Win32

I've built a nice little app with Glade2, libxml2 and the Perl Gtk2/Gnome2 modules.
Are there any Win32 installers that contain runtime binaries (GTK+2 libs, Gnome2 libs) aka dlls for Windows.
Or do I really need to compile everything myself? I hope not to need Cygwin.

Gtk+ is already ported to Win32 and is available from

I have heard that it is possible to compile the GNOME libraries on
Windows, it's a very nontrivial process, and I think that if you really
want a cross-platform Gtk+ application you should to stick to pure Gtk+.

I am currently working on a Win32 binary distribution of Gtk2-Perl, with
the assistance of muppet. It'll be ready Real Soon Now (honest).


Gavin Brown
e: gavin brown uk com
PGP/GPG key ID: 891D8FCA

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