Hi all,

I use GnomeUIInfo in my app to create main menu. That works well.
But i need to unsensitie some menu items. To do that, i try to use widget field of GnomeUIInfo C structure 
(this field is set by gnome_app_helper_create_menus). Unfortunately, this key is undef in my hash after 
calling $app->create_menus($info) where $info is :

my $info = [
                type => 'subtree',
                label => '_File',
                subtree => [
                                type => 'item',
                                label => '_New',
                                callback => sub { warn 'new called' },

Then, to unsensitive new item, i do :

my $widget = $info->[0]->{subtree}->[0]->{widget};

but $widget is not defined. Is something wrong, here ? Or, is back-annotation of widgets not implemented in 
Gnome2-Perl ?
I have tried to understand XS file, but i can't...



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