Re: Gtk2::TreeView or Gtk2::SimpleList right justify?

Guillaume Cottenceau said:
Tom Cross <tomc kendeco com> writes:

I can't find how to make a column (of numbers) right justify when I'm
using a TreeView or (even better) SimpleList.  Is there a way to do

If using a TreeView, the following is probably the solution:

there you go.  and you retrieve TreeViewColumns from a TreeView with
->get_column(n) or ->get_columns... so this should work:

  # right align column number $col_no
  $treeview->get_column ($col_no)->set_alignment (1.0);

since a SimpleList is a TreeView, you can call that on a SimpleList, as well. 
as that's rather straightforward, i think it's silly to try to "simplify" that
with a SimpleList method.

muppet <scott at asofyet dot org>

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