Re: SimpleList test fails with beta 0.92

Ross McFarland wrote:
my other question would be if the old stuff is still laying around on
the system. by old stuff i either mean older versions of gtk2-perl-xs or
gtk2-perl. there are no,, modules in
gtk2-perl-xs, i guess there must be in gtk2-perl why it would be looking
for it at that point i don't know. the two won't co-exist with out
taking special care.

The answer is yes: I didn't uninstall the Inline stuff, and I didn't uninstall
the previous versions of gtk2-perl-xs... Is there a safe way to uninstall them?
And is it the right way, uninstalling them before a new version is out?

I've been using Gtk2-Perl for a few months now, without any problems due to Inline
and XS coexisting, so I didn't think that was a problem.

To be honest, I don't really care if the tests fail as long as the package itself
works properly. I didn't try the SimpleList though...

If you point me out to an example I should run to verify SimpleList works fine,
I'll try it. There were a couple of examples on this list recently, would they be

we really need to put something in the README/INSTALL files about going
from the inline version to the new stuff. we also need to mention the
issues, whatever they may be, about installing it on mandrake systems.
i'd put it all in myself, but i don't know the exact issues and what to
say about them.

I've followed every release of Gtk2-Perl since the Inline stuff, but it seems
all other tests pass, it's only SimpleList that fails.

On my Solaris machine, I use to have problems with (grep failed, only 
a matter of quotes), but that was fixed by muppet a few releses ago (thanks!).

it sure looks my first idea is the problem, but if not do you have the
latest Glib package? 

Yes, I have version 0.92 of Glib too. As you said, it's probably the Inline stuff.
I'd try removing that, but what's a clean way to do it?


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