Re: yet another new snapshot (again)

new snapshot, 20030415 (the tax day snapshot), in the same old place:

since snapshot 20030414:

   - *** make test works. ***
   - lots of missing (member) functions added to various files/classes
   - converted some of the custom xs output code to the new OUTLIST
     stuff, still some to go
   - added Gnome2 and GnomePrint2 modules as examples of chaining.
     wrapped about half of libgnome and libgnomeui in about four
     hours. =)  GnomePrint2 is unimplemented, because i don't know
     how to use it and don't have the dev packages installed.
   - rearranged some of the autogen tools, and bugfixes too
   - use DynaLoader instead of XSLoader, because XSLoader doesn't honor
     dl_load_flags.  submitted bug report on XSLoader.

it was a busy day!

i just successfully unzipped the tarball and ran

  perl Makefile.PL PREFIX=/tmp/foo && make && make test && make install

on it before uploading.  please let me know if your experience is

there's a working test of GnomeDruid in the Gnome2 subdirectory.  it
intentionally registers an invalid app name (has a space in it) to keep
from adding junk to your GConf database; this causes the program to spit
out some nastygrams about missing keys and that sort of thing, but the
program still functions fine.  i did this as a proof of concept, showing
that it's really easy to add a new extension and new libraries can be
wrapped quickly.  my own interests in Gnome stop at the GnomeDruid, so i
will probably do no further work on that module.  anyone who wants to
own that section, please step up and claim it.

additionally, i broke GnomePrint out into a separate module (but not a
separate namespace) because i never have the devel packages for it
installed.  i rather liked the way the old gtk-perl stuff was granular
enough to allow you to pick and choose what you wanted to compile, and
i'd like to carry that forward.  but, like i said, i'm abdicating the
Gnome stuff, so the owner can do as he will.

muppet <scott asofyet org>

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