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Goran Thyni <goran kirra net> writes:


On Tue, Oct 29, 2002 at 06:03:36PM +0100, Guillaume Cottenceau wrote:
During an irc talk with Manish Singh, he suggested the following
idea (which appears nice to me).
For each object property, instead of either using the generic

        $obj->set(property_name, property_value)

That name is already taken by a similar method:
And those are already implemented by you a few day ago :-)
The above exampel should work with your $object->set().

Yes yes, it does work. The point was that it's more short and
straightforward for users to do:

$window->{sensitive} = 1;

rather than:

$window->set('sensitive', 1);
or even manually implementing in our classes accessors to have:


I did this but used:
GET: $window->allow_shrink;
SET: $window->allow_shrink($flag);
which is shorter and cleaner.

Yes you're right. I was more thinking of set_sensitive and the
like functions, sorry.
we could change our perl objects so that hash access would be
generic wrappers to automatically call set_property with the
right property name and value, giving the following use:
        $obj->{sensitive} = 1
needs a tie or a copy, 


which slows down start time even if we don't use it

do you think the slowdown is measurable? (I haven't made tests
and haven't got significant experience on that topic)

Guillaume Cottenceau -

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