Re: UTF8

Christian Borup <borup borup com> writes:

gtk2-perl should also be setting the utf8 flag on all strings returned
by gkt+. I tried getting this to work by the attached patch, but it
really doesn't. I added SvUTF8_on to newSVgchar but for GtkEntry's at
least it doesn't work, because the get_text method doesn't use
newSVgchar... oh well. Too tired to look into it more.

Warning, newSVgchar is a wrapper to convert a newly-allocated
gchar* into a perl object, to not leak memory when calling gtk
functions that do allocate a gchar* when called. If you look at
the prototype of gtk_entry_get_text, it isn't the case, so if you
use newSVgchar is will corrupt memory and possibly segfault on

Guillaume Cottenceau -

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