Re: Variable Argument Lists, how to handle?

On man, 2002-10-28 at 13:11, Marin Purgar wrote:


Anyway (IMHO) Christian Borup has the point in
stating that invocation for such methods should be 'perlish' and no refs
should be passed directly from perl like currently in List->append_items
(mea coulpa ;) or ListStore->set where the perl 'proxy' methods are missing.

We are at pre-alpha right now so (just like Goran likes to point out) now is
the time to rethink and refactor ;) ...

So, to refactor or not that is the question?

Not surprisingly I'm all for refactoring in this case :-)
And I agree that the proxy methods seems to be a bad idea.

BTW Nice to see you started on TreeSelection. I promise to start
submitting code soon.


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