Re: Signal handler args

I have changed this as requested
and updated the examples I spotted using this.
Thing will break :-) but it is pre-alpha so it should
be OK and easily fixed too.


On Wed, Oct 23, 2002 at 11:31:45AM +0200, Guillaume Cottenceau wrote:
Dermot Musgrove <dermot glade perl connectfree co uk> writes:

We are still at a stage where we can make these choices and I would
_very_ much urge that we go with ($widget, $dataref) or, for events,
($widget, $dataref, $eventref). I reckon that this is an example of 
making the Perl interfaces as perlish as possible.

I also think this would be much preferable than @dataref because
much cleaner.

Guillaume Cottenceau -

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