Re: perl-5.8.0, gtk-perl

thye wrote:

if I move this .o files to ./xs and retype make
all .o -files in ./xs will be lost.

cc: xs/GtkMenuBar.o: No such file or directory

any hints?

create symlinks to the .o files in the xs directories. 
Some of the files are from another directory which name 
I can't recall, but if you'll se the error, link all 
.o to this directory too.

Or a little bit faster, 

find -type d -name xs | while read dir; do
    cd dir
    for file in *.xs; do
        base=$(basename $file .xs)
        ln -sf ../$base.o $base.o
(Have not tried it, just recalling it from memory)

For the other dir (build?) it's similar. 

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