Re: Real news (was: gtk2 news)

On 10 Oct 2002, Chas Owens wrote:

My plan is not to hack together wrappers for all functions
in Gtk+ 2.x at once. Rather I want "use cases" so that all
code gets tested.
I am working my way through the tutorial
porting the example programs to perl and implementing
needed functionality. Currently working on ported
from (chapter 9.1)

Sounds like an excellent way to get from here to there.

If people are interested in helping out I can put it
on SourceForge (CVS) or just a release area and my own
site. I have uploaded a snapshot tarball from yesterday to

Sourceforge this puppy.  With the method you have described it sounds
like it is very possible to have a lot of parallel development going
on.  Let volunteers sign up to take on a widget (let more than one
person take a widget since some will drop out or produce worthless

You don't really need to translate each widget by itself with Gtk+. Gtk+
has a definition language that describes its widgets, and you can create
the bindings by processing it with a script. No need to work on each
individual widget.


        Shlomi Fish

Anyway I can accept code and patches:
- new wrappers and function should have "use cases" == test that use that code
- patches should have a changelog entry explain the hows and whys

happy hacking,

Shlomi Fish        shlomif vipe technion ac il
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