Re: Toolbar->append_element()

goran kirra net wrote:


I tested and the return is correct in my tests
(added a button which is returned as a Gtk2::Button
(subclass of Gtk2::Widget)

If it is not fixed by someone else
please file a bug report with code example on
the project page.
I have worked out what the problems are here:

1) I was converting GTK_TOOLBAR_CHILD_RADIOBUTTON to 'radiobutton' as
I used to in old Gtk-Perl as I thought that all the enums were there.
When I changed it to Gtk2::Toolbar->CHILD_RADIOBUTTON all works.
Will all these enums be available sometime in the future?

2) There was no error returned when I used 'radiobutton' but the
returned widget was a GObject - should this be possible?

Regards, Dermot

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