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On Wed, 2002-05-15 at 15:34, Emil Perhinschi wrote:

got to the Tree and CTree widgets in the tutorial ...

can somebody enlighten me which are the differences
between them? There are a lot of cross-references in
the tutorial in those chapters and I got confused ...

What can one do with a CTree and cannot do in Tree,
and the other way around?

The difference is much like the difference between a list and a CList.
with a Tree you get the regular structred tree with many levels and each
leaf being expandable. With a CTree you get the added bonus of having
the tree but with columns to the right of the tree for more information.
So if you used a CTree you could have an listing of the major cola
producers and their subsequent comapnines and the products they sell.
Then you could put in the columns the percentage of the subsidary
companies that they own, or the amount of revenue produced by the

Hope this helps. Also note that this is all from my understanding from
the limited documentation I have found.

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