Re: installing gtkperl

In message <Pine A41 4 30 0205131413040 153484-100000 coxeter math toronto edu>,   you write:
Why do you have perl 5.7.x?  Aren't those the development/experimental

I don't think that this is the cause for your error, but I was still


On Mon, 13 May 2002, martin leisner wrote:

I have perl 5.7.2 at home and 5.7.3 at work.

Installing gtkperl I've had an array of problems.

I tried at work...

When I untarred gtk-perl-0.7008, and do a make I get:

Good question...

I went back to 5.6.0 and didn't have a problem.

Thanks -- I was using 5.7 since something I found wouldn't run on 5.6 -- 
I'll start running 5.6 again ;-)


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