Re: problems when prepending elements to a clist

On Tue, 2002-05-07 at 13:42, Bhaskar S. Manda wrote:

     push @tmp, [ $item->{'title'} => $item->{'link'}];

The prepend() is expecting a list, but @tmp is an array of references to
lists, that is, it's a 2 dimensional array. Also, I'm not sure what you're
putting in the list, it looks like a hash key-value assignment, but this might
be a construct I don't know about.

In Perl 5 the => operator is just a synonym for the , operator.  Some
people like to use it to format their code.  These people will be rudely
shocked by Perl 6 as => will return 'pairs' (a new concept).

2-D lists are used in CListModel, perhaps
you're confusing that with CList?


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