Re: Getting submenu from a MenuItem

On Mon, 2002-01-28 at 17:12, Toby Gray wrote:
Is there any way of extracting from a MenuItem what submenu it has in 
gtk-perl? The C GTK ::MenuItem does have the method get_submenu, and before I 
start to learn C and work out how to add in the get_submenu method into 
gtk-perl, I was wanting to check that I have not missed a obvious method for 
doing it.

get_submenu() is a function of the 2.0 API (which is not, afaik,
implemented in Perl yet).

Without seeing your code, or exactly what you need to do, I can only
suggest that it might be easier to keep track of this yourself.
If you create a menu structure in a hash, it should be fairly trivial to
keep track of the heirarchy.  Though somebody else may have a much
better solution ;)

Mark Stratman
mark sporkstorms org

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