Re: Gtktree bug?

Pozsar Balazs wrote:

It doesn't completely locks up X. You can move your mouse around,
ctrl-alt-Fx still works, and all you have to do is kill this process.
With this encouragement I tried the script and had similar results. With
my windowmanager (IceWM) with 'click-to-focus' set, clicking on treenode 
'two' caused the Gtk window and also the xterm that ran the script to:
  1) Ignore any click type signals (select_row etc)
  2) Not change the cursor shape
  3) But window-lower (keyboard Alt-F3) and Ctrl-C abandoned run.

This behaviour persisted even when I split the set_sensitive(0) and
set_sensitive(1) into two handlers (one connected 'after') and whether
I returned 1 from the handlers or not.

However, when I changed to another workspace (eg Ctrl-Alt-2) and then
returned all was OK and I could click successfully. I don't know enough 
about X and windowmanagers to know why this should be.

HTH, Dermot

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