gtk-gnome vs. gnome-perl naming

First off, I appologize if this has already been addressed; a quick search
through the archives turned up nothing.

I'm really curious about the naming conventions for the gtk-perl package
as a whole.

Throughout the documentation, the Perl Gtk+ and Gnome bindings are
referred to as 'Gtk-Perl'.  
IMO, it would seem Gnome-Perl is a more suitable name, as gnome could be
said to contain gtk+, but not the other way around.
I would suspect this is because the Gtk bindings predate the Gnome ones,
and this naming was kept for historical purposes.

The module is named gnome-perl in CVS; Is this a first step, so to speak,
in changing the package naming conventions? Or was it chosen by the gnome
cvs guys, perhaps?

Additionally, the debian package maintainer (forgive me.. whose name I
can't recall offhand) separates the gtk+ and gnome/zvt modules into
libgtk-perl and libgnome-perl.

Anyhow, all of my babling and wild speculations aside... The reason I
bring this up is because I'm writing some additional documentation on
parts of the gnome modules, and I'm just not sure what the proper way to
refer to them is.

Any feedback, tips, history, etc.. would be greatly appreciated =)

Thanks a lot,
Mark Stratman
mark sporkstorms org

-- PS's
In regards to the docs i'm writing, if nobody has any objections I'll post
them online and drop a note on the list here when each is put up.  I've
been extending my notes (mostly on some of the less documented, or more
complicated modules) into tutorial form.
They're by no means a complete tutorial on writing gnome apps in Perl, but
if they're found to be helpful.. i'd be glad to continue writing more.

To the gtk-perl hackers: if any help is needed with any of the
questions/issues i've brought up (or anything in general actually), feel
free to point them out and I'd be glad to help with what I can.

To those who've counted more than 50 grammar/spelling errors in this
letter: give me a break, it's been a very very very long night ;)

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